Contact information


The Insurance Court
POB 1005
00521 Helsinki


Ratapihantie 9, Helsinki

The location of the Insurance Court's office can be found on the map service of the metropolitan area, . Write the address Ratapihantie 9 in the search field opening via this link and press enter.

The Insurance Court's registry office is open for customer service from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4.15 pm. The office receives documents delivered to the Insurance Court. Upon request it provides official and other copies from the Insurance Court's documents.


Telephone exchange: 029 564 3200
Registry office: 029 564 3210
Information lawyer: 029 564 3262
Telefax: 029 564 3100

If you call from abroad, the prefix "029" shall be replaced by the prefix "+358 29".

The price for calls

The price for all calls to the 029 56 numbers of the units within the administrative sector is the local network fee or the mobile call fee charged by the caller's operator.

The price for calls to 0100 service numbers or to mobile phone numbers (e.g. numbers starting with 040 or 050) is the local network fee or mobile call fee charged by your operator.

When calling from abroad, the price is determined by the local operator.

Numbers that were taken out of use on 15 November 2011

New telephone numbers were taken into use in the administrative sector of the Ministry of Justice on 15 November.

When calling to the old exchange of the judicial administration (starting with 0100 36) and to its extensions after 15 November 2011, the price is

* from a domestic fixed telephone network subscription 8.28 c/call + 5.95 c/min

* from any mobile network subscription 8.28 c/call + 17.04 c/min.

The prices include value added tax (23 %).

The old 010 36 numbers, subject to surcharge, are used alongside the new ones until the beginning of March 2012. During this transitional period, calls made to the old numbers are automatically transferred to the new numbers. Calls to the old numbers are still subject to surcharge. After the beginning of March, the calls to the old numbers are transferred to a voice message. The old numbers will be disconnected in the summer of 2012 at the latest.


vakuutusoikeus(at) Please exchange the mark (at) by the mark @. Applicants sending e-mails must absolutely use this e-mail address.

Under no conditions should e-mails be sent to the personal e-mail address of officials working in the Court. It is not recommended to attach files to an e-mail.

Published 30.10.2017